About Me

Imagine a world without photography, one could only imagine.
– Berenice Abbott

With shaky hands, I held my first camera (Yashica Electro GX) twenty years ago when i was too young to even understand how it works. I knew nothing about photography, what film speed is and what adjusting shutter speed or aperture does. The part I most loved was pulling the trigger to advance the film after the photo was taken. My grand bubble of joy and excitement burst disappointingly when my first set of photos arrived from the studio. It was a sad day indeed….

I have learnt a great deal about photography since then, by reading, experimenting, observing others and learning from my own mistakes. I am not a professional photographer and i did not take any photography course. Photography is a serious hobby but i get my bread and butter by working as a software engineer.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions i get asked….

“What kind of camera do you have?”
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“Are these your photos? Did you really take all of these?”
Yes, really!. Unless otherwise mentioned, all photos featured on this website were taken by me.

“Do you post-process your photos?”
I always shoot RAW, so Yes, I post-process my images using Adobe Photoshop. During post-processing, I correct white balance, enhance colors, reduce noise and crop as needed. I sometimes try to get creative with the image by applying filters and special effects. OK, so i probably DO modify some of my images a bit.

Post-processing photos has been a subject of strong debate and divides photographers. Some purists relate post-processing to cheating and believe that images should not be altered in any way. I strongly disagree. I like to present my photos the way i envisioned the scene with my own eyes and often, cameras don’t do a good job capturing the exact scene. So, is using Photoshop cheating?. You be the judge.

“I’d like to use your photos for {fill here}. Do i have your permission?”
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Do you accept paid assignments or do commercial photography?
Sorry, my current job keeps me really busy so i don’t have time for photo assignments. I do have plans for this in the future.

How do i contact you?
Leave a comment on one of my posts or use the Contacts page.

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